Seven things to ‘nail’ your Halloween photos this year

Halloween gets more magical each year in our house!

You’ve gotta love this time of year.  One of my personal highlights of autumn is the arrival of Halloween. Memories of my youth, straddling Mums kitchen brush with a bin bag tied round my neck complete with a black plastic hat was all I needed for a bit of fun!  Now I have two children of my own, Halloween is a bit more magical with costumes and gadgets galore!  Therefore I want to share my top seven things to ‘nail’ your photos this year.

  1.   Request their best impressions

This is a time of year when you can get children to play up to the camera!  Get the scariest and funniest impressions possible to fit with their character and snap happy.

 2.  Take them the day before

Don’t rush everything in one day.  Consider taking a mix of photographs the day before.  See it as a dress rehearsal before the big day.

3.  Use alternative light

A torch under the chin or glow sticks can work a ‘treat’.  Remember to take some in good light conditions though so that you have a mix of photos.

4.  Up the lighting in pumpkins to really show off carving skills

Some of the best pumpkin photos have had a bucket load of light added to enhance the drama.  Last year we used numerous battery operated tea lights to get a memorable effect.

5.   Photograph with mask on AND mask off

Remember to get one of each.  Trust me, it’s easily forgotten!

 6.  Get down to their level

You will see things from a whole new perspective.  Give it a try and see what happens!

 7.  Remember the non people pictures

Decorations and goodies in the trick or treat bags are just as effective.  These are the ideal type of photographs you could cover from point two.


I’d love to see your photos so why not post your proudest one below for all to see?

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