Cake smash photography is not the only way to celebrate first birthdays

Cake smash photography is not the only way to celebrate

You may have noticed that cake smashes, particularly for one year olds keeps me busy!  Cake smash sessions originate as a great way to document such a momentous milestone for both parents and child alike!  However, it’s not the only way to celebrate and I’m glad to be able to share on my blog a great session I held recently with a new client.

This is different in a brilliant way

Now, you’ll notice in this blog that there are no photos of the session.  There’s a reason behind that and it’s the same reason why approximately 20% of my sessions do not make a blog or a posting on my Facebook page.  Increasingly my clients are choosing to keep their photographs for themselves and do not want me to publish them as part of my own marketing plans.  As an experienced marketer with over 15 years experience,  customer privacy and integrity is at the heart of everything I do.  This is something that I totally respect and honour.

It’s all about the story…

I still want to share with you the story behind our session.  My client didn’t feel that her child would enjoy a cake smash and wanted to just find a way of documenting their birthday.  Having had a chat about locations, we decided that doing the fun activities that they do all of the time as a family would be the best direction to take!  A trip to the park if was then!

A lovely session was had by all!

Reflecting back on the session, I genuinely can’t find a word other than just ‘lovely’ to describe our experience.  To start, we literally had the entire park to ourselves for at least thirty minutes (the benefits of a midweek photo session should never be underestimated!) so could pick and mix as we wanted.  Let’s just say I imagine that Mum enjoyed being on the slide much more than baby!  Following this we found a great area tucked away.  The family could just be themselves and enjoy their time together, reflecting on how their life had changed in the past twelve months.

Cake smash photography is not the only way to celebrate

Concluding this blog is a great way to remind parents that cake smash photography is not the only way to document a babies first birthday.  Just doing you normal activities is just as favourable.  Coupled with a midweek session to avoid the crowds, it can be one of the best birthday gifts your baby could ever ask for….


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