Take 5 minutes to read – you MUST do this!

Picture the scene.

Your Mum calls you.  She is trying to create “one of those photo book things” and can’t find that family picture from Christmas last year. She absolutely needs it for her front cover but it’s not on her computer and she knows you have a copy. She needs you to send it now as she’s not going back on her PC to finish it off.  You check your phone, not there, you scan you PC and “what??” There are photos everywhere, in loads of different folders, duplicates, all saved as a load of numbers, where do you start??? Great stuff, you are gonna miss Corrie as its not a quick task!!

Ok, I know that this seems like a boring thing to talk about but trust me saving and categorising photos as you go can be really helpful and save you lots of time in the future.  If you’ve taken the time to take a photo, take the time to file it correctly so that you can find it in the future.

Get categorising 2015 now so you can start afresh in 2016.  You can choose to do it any way you fancy as long as it makes sense to you! I produce a new folder for each event and number them in date order so it looks something like this:

  1.  Mums birthday (Feb 15)
  2.  Chester Zoo (March 15)
  3.  Girls night out (April 15)


Once I’ve added all my photos into the subfiles the first thing I do is delete the rubbish ones – why keep them eating up your storage?

Did you know that you can also add star ratings to photographs or tags which might help if you have loads of photos and want to find things even quicker?  Simply right click on an image and select priorities for more information. Once you are in an album you can right click anywhere and use view, sort by or group by to find pictures.

Finally, think about backing up your files on the computer.  Why?  Don’t get caught out like my sister did with her PC.  They got a virus from the Internet and lost all her photos!  Wedding, holidays the lot.  Good job I had a good chunk of these on my PC too…

I know this seems like a boring task but trust me it’s worth it.  Just think how you will feel if you lost your phone with your hundreds of photos on that you just never got round to putting on your PC.  It’s not worth it….

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