3 simple steps to storing photos and de-cluttering your camera roll!

Picture the scene.

Your child is doing something for the first time.  It’s amazing!  Proud parent alert!  You grab your phone to take a photo but… oh…. your storage is full!  I don’t think I know anyone that this HASN’T happened to!

I know that time to clear your camera roll probably goes to the bottom of the to do list BUT I can guarantee that if you get into a good routine and habit, this need not ever happen to you again!

Yes organising and categorising photos is pretty boring but it is really helpful and can save you lots of time in the future.  If you’ve taken the time to take a photo, take the time to file it correctly so that you can find it in the future.

Follow my three step process and bingo, never be in that position again!

1. Get deleting

At the end of the week, grab your phone and go through your camera roll for that week.  Delete all the rubbish photos and you should have no more than one photo of the same thing (which forces you to pick a favourite and delete the rest!).

2.  Get saving

Save these photos on your PC.  I am old school and whilst clouds are good, I like the reassurance of knowing they are on my hard drive.  You can choose to do it any way you fancy as long as it makes sense to you! I file by month, that is it.

From your PC, did you know that you can also add star ratings to photographs or tags which might help if you have loads of photos and want to find things even quicker?  Simply right click on an image and select priorities for more information. Once you are in an album you can right click anywhere and use view, sort by or group by to find pictures.

3. Get deleting (again)

Go back to your phone and only keep your absolute favourites, you can delete the rest safe in the knowledge that you have them saved already.

I know this seems like a boring task but trust me it’s worth it.  Just think how you will feel if you lost your phone with your hundreds of photos on that you just never got round to putting on your PC.  It’s not worth it….

Enjoy de-cluttering and creating space to make sure you never miss a photo again!


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