A cake smash with the best twist EVER, EVER!

A cake smash with the best twist EVER, EVER!

One of the proudest parts of my job as a photographer is when clients come back again and again, trusting me to help them document chapters in their lives which come and go in a heartbeat. I’m honoured to have many savvy clients who recognise the invaluable investment that will stay with them, and generations to come for years and then some.

The Hardy’s are such clients. Every time a new chapter opens in their lives, they get in contact and book in with me. They understand that my affordability and huge amount of digital, all edited photos make it easy to capture major milestones in their lives which to date has included an engagement session, cake smash and a wedding! So when they decided to recreate Olivia’s first birthday cake smash when she turned two, I was looking forward to documenting all of the changes that twelve months can bring.

Getting to know my clients makes for better photos

Moreover, I love the familiar-ness that our relationship has brought over time.  A level of familiarity that puts everyone at ease from the word go.    Watching Olivia grow from a tiny bundle of joy to the content and joyful little girl she now is makes me smile with fondness and reflect on the speed of change in all of our lives.


cake smash oldham tameside

Consequently the change is huge! At two, kids just dive in as the familiarity of cake is top of mind. It’s great as children listen a little more as they experiment in ways that just doesn’t happen aged one. Olivia was in her element and I am sure you will agree she looks absolutely gorgeous. The blues in her dress absolutely brings out her gorgeous skin complexion and eye colour. I’m sure you will agree she looks like a princess.

And it wasn’t the only element that I got to document either.

My heart literally skipped a beat when I was then asked to do this….

cake smash oldham tameside

I remember this feeling with such fondness that it enveloped me all over again.  That magical moment of pregnancy that brings with it tiredness and joy coupled with sickness and wonder as to what baby will bring to your life.  To say this absolutely made my day is an understatement and I did have to brave up and try not to cry!

Team Hardy, you are such a special family and I wish you tonnes of love in this new journey you are undertaking. And baby is going to love being a part of your fabulous family…

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