Cake smash photography for toddlers is the way forward!

Believe and it will come true!

When an idea surfaces in my head, it tends to grow and develop beyond my initial thoughts!  For this reason, having created a cake smash session for Joseph and his two friends, a three way cake smash for three, three year loads, I was genuinely delighted when Debbie approached me to replicate this again but for four, three year olds!


There’s no strategic planning with me, that’s not how kids rock!

In reality, my style of photography is always to create authentic photographs that beautifully illustrate personalities, behaviours and styles.  There’s no real directing from me and for cake smashes in particular there are no rules!  There is also no strategic placing of icing on noses or the like as, after all, surely that’s what the parents at least will remember when they see the photos years down the line.

So when I arrived and set up, I was delighted to see four gorgeous children come and see what was going on.

This is what happened.

It always makes me tickle when children see cakes, their eyes light up something rotten! So, when I told them to sit behind a cake and just wait, I wondered what would happen.  Guess what? They just sat there and looked right at me! It was so funny, not a single one moved a muscle! I felt like a teacher who had captured the classes attention.  I could hear parents behind me giggling away at their amazement too!

If the truth be told, one of the main reasons I love my job is the variety it brings through the people I meet, especially children.  Ordinarily I smile to myself as I snap away documenting what has become one of my favourite (and most popular!) sessions to photograph.  This time I found myself in fits of laughter as the session grew in energy, thanks to the sugar and eagerness of the children to get involved!

And then some!

Toward the end of the session when we were about to wrap up, I heard one of the Mums shout behind me ‘why don’t you put your faces in and see if there is any treasure’ and guess what? They did.  Just look at the result!

Ordinarily, the beauty of any cake smash session is that there are no right or wrongs and each session is so different from the next thanks to the differences in all of the children I meet. This session will stick in my mind for several reasons:
1) a Mum believed in my concept of a multi cake smash
2) it was my first four way cake smash
3) the children did a fantastic job of celebrating such a special time in their lives.

Thank you superstars for a super special and fun session.  Let’s replicate it again next year!

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