The blog post from an Oldham photographer that comes with tears!

The blog post from an Oldham photographer that comes with tears!

How often do we tell ourselves how quickly time passes? I do it all the time.  Talking to other mums about how fast the kids are growing up.  To my partner about how it only feels like five minutes we have been married as opposed to seven years this month.  It happens all of the time.

I have taken the time to stop and reflect

Since I’ve left the corporate world and set up my own photography business, I can’t believe where my first full year of business has gone (I had a little break after three months of business to have my beautiful girl, Victoria).  I genuinely don’t.  So much has happened and it’s not until pressing pause and taking the time to reflect on the past twelve months that I actually realise what and how much I have achieved.  And let me tell you, it makes me feel proud doing something so brave and risky.

I am ever so thankful to all of the clients who have believed in me

When I started to go through the thousands of photos I’ve taken this year to find my top nine, it was a difficult task!  I have so many amazing memories and stories that I’ve captured it was difficult to start.  I’ve had the pleasure of serving clients for many of the significant stages of this precious thing we call life.  New borns, christenings, first birthdays, school days, engagements, weddings, baby bump sessions; all of these chapters of our lives that come and go in a heartbeat. I’ve documented a client moving house, hidden around corners for surprise sessions and worked with more clients who say they hate having their photos taken then you would imagine.  Yet I love to see their reaction when they see my photography magic complete!

They have, ultimately, helped me to be the happiest I have ever been

Twenty five of my best photos turned to twelve and the final nine are here to share.  Each one has its own story which contributes towards how proud I am to serve my clients and build a business which makes me happier than I’ve ever been.

best of 2017I’m proud to be a photographer who is different

Ultimately, the thing that I am most proud of is taking my passion and sharing it with others.  I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their photography skills.  Similarly, I’ve ran a photography course, ran several photos challenges online and have written sixty blogs including this one to give just little sprinkles of  photography inspiration and share my client stories.  I’ve held a kindness event and donated so many pieces of children’s clothing to charity that it was overwhelming!  I’ve even become a Huffington Post blogger!  Finally, I’ve also donated a small portion of my fees to my chosen charity, 52 Lives as it follows the belief that we can all be good to each other.  Thankfully, I’ve also had great support and coverage from The Saddleworth Independent who are a fantastic champion of small, local businesses. The many messages I’ve had both from clients and strangers alike are just the things needed to keep my ambitions high.  Ultimately, I want to continue growing my business so that I can spend the time I want to with my two amazing children.

Thank you 2017 for being so amazing!

As we come to the end of 2017, I want to say a huge thanks to every single person who has supported me in my journey this year.  Whether you’ve been a client I’ve served once or in some cases three times, you’ve participated in a challenge, read a blog or simply posted a commented on my Facebook page, you absolutely rock and truly are a huge part of what keeps me going!  Thank you…. X

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