My top three photo tips guaranteed to make you feel more like Beauty, not the Beast!

Tale as old as time….

The long awaited movie, Beauty and the Beast, hits movie screens today.  I am sure there are several of you, young or old, kids or no kids, who are eagerly awaiting to kick back and enjoy this epic film.  The fond memories of Beauty and the Beast as a child, sat with my sister watching it on video (yes, video!) at weekends as we pranced around the living room singing to our hearts content are ever so vivid.  I also remember when Mum and Dad told me and Nic, aged 18 and 17 respectively, that we were off to Tenerife for a week’s holiday, only to be told when we arrived at the airport that we were in fact going to Disneyland, Florida for three weeks!  You can imagine the giddiness at the parades when the likes of Belle, Garcon, Mrs Potts and Chop headed up the parades!

In fact, I’ve had a dig through the old photo archives and found this!  (PS – organising your photos makes tasks like that super easy, why not give it a go!)

Beauty and the beast


Beauty and the Beast…..

For this reason, I wanted to share with you my three top tips to help you feel more like Beauty and not the Beast!  I understand that most people do not like having their photograph taken, I do.  Surprisingly in this day and age of the selfie, I have numerous clients who feel that way.  Therefore, take these tips on board and observe how it feels!

  1. Take a look in the mirror

It would be easy for me to say “stand like this” or “turn in towards me” but that can sometimes add to the pressure.  If it makes you feel better have a practice looking at yourself in the mirror, turn different ways, think about what you might do with your hands.  What position makes you feel happy, confident and full of life? Only you know that!

  1. Smile, relax and remember to breath!

Be yourself.  When you smile, your shoulders will relax, so will your face and this will show through on the photographs!

  1. It’s ok to be shy in front of the camera

Just remember, it’s not every day that we all embrace the camera, especially if we actively try to avoid it.  Try not to focus on the action of the photo being taken, instead focus on the intention behind the camera and how others may feel about the memories later.

Do you have any useful tips to share?  I would love to hear them!

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