Welcome to the world, beautiful baby Francesca!

The fabulously delightful baby Francesca from Stockport, Greater Manchester

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed such a tiny baby, probably back in January when I was photographing my own little girl, Victoria when I started my maternity leave.  I arrived with a sense of enthusiasm as there is something  wonderful about capturing a babies first few weeks.  I’m taking about those precious moments when their smallness is so apparent.  When babies spend their days sleeping on Mum and Dad’s shoulders.  In reality, It just brings a sense of warmth that fills the room.

Angela and Alasdair were so calm and collected when I arrived with Francesca sleeping soundly in Angela’s arms.  Therefore, there was a real sense of peacefulness which I found very refreshing, I don’t remember my house resembling that when either Joseph or Victoria was born!!

The benefits of working from your own home

One of the benefits of working from Angela’s house was that Francesca was settled and content sleeping from the outset.  We started with a few relaxed sleeping photographs slowly adding in a few of her teddy bears.  You will see that Francesca looks like she is holding their hands, which is super charming!  She did this all by herself, a natural reaction, I promise it was not staged!

I adore taking photographs of babies on shoulders since it gives parents the chance to catch sight  of what their babies face is essentially showing.  This was a hold which Francesca loved, she was so peaceful and content here, especially when she was with Daddy.

I love all things tiny!

Equally,  one of my favourite parts of a baby session is showcasing everything that is naturally so tiny, especially when it demonstrates scale.  Baby hands and feet are perfect for this and as long as baby is comfortable to participate the results can be just beautiful.

Today was the first day that Francesca moved from a babygro to a full grown outfit.  I’m sure you will agree she looks adorable.  I felt honoured to be taking pictures of baby Francesca with her proud Mummy and Daddy and feel delighted that the family love the final photographs.  All in a day’s work!

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