3 simple tips for taking autumn photos across Oldham from an Oldham photographer

Oldham photography at it’s best can often be in autumn.  Ordinarily, it is a great time to get out and photograph the beautiful red, yellow and orange hazes that surround our beautiful Oldham countryside. It’s the time of year that many savvy families choose to update their family photos.  The colours are fabulous, the weather is usually kinder to us than we remember from the previous year and the best advantage of all, it can mean you have Christmas gifts in check for the wider family early on so that you can actually enjoy the Christmas period rather than stress about it.  Don’t let the odd bit of rain spoil the chances of great photos like these!



Whether it’s a stroll along the Huddersfield canal, a visit to Alexandra Park or a trip around Dove Stone reservoir, you are bound to capture the true essence of Autumn right now.  Oldham photography at it’s best!  So, wrap up warm and get out into the fresh air armed with your camera or smart phone, here’s my three simple tips for taking autumn photos.

Watch the weather forecast

try and get out on a bright, sunny and dry day to really take advantage of natural light. Even just an hour can be enough.  Plus we all want to kick about in dry, crisp leaves rather than muddy, wet ones!  If the weather isn’t looking that good then embrace it!  Wellies and umbrellas (particularity clear umbrellas)  really help to tell a story.

Capture reflections in still water

showcase the beauty of autumn through water not just land.  You can capture the clouds or nearby trees and bushes or even your reflections.  When was the last time you just stopped and was mindful of your surroundings?  Just try it!

Get low

there is so much going on at ground level, get down and look! Falling leaves, twigs, conkers you name it! Plus this is where I find kids getting involved in the season! Conversely don’t forget to look up and see what is happening to the sky!

Above all, have fun with it. Autumn rocks!

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