Autumn family photography makes me happy with the fabulous Faye

Autumn family photography in Oldham makes me happy

When Faye and her family arrived at Alexandra Park, Oldham for their family photo shoot, I was so giddy! With bright October sun glistening through autumnal yellow, orange and red trees sitting within the backdrop of some of the tallest green trees around, I was ready for action!  Faye won my summer photo challenge, a six week programme for local children.  Consequently, enthusiasm and positivity oozed out of Faye from the start of the session as her passion for photography was evident.

Family life is so important to document

Intricacies of family life are the things that make each unit unique.  Connections between siblings and parents are easily demonstrable through a camera lens.  Faye’s role as older sister is plain to see and her kindness for her siblings is seen through the sparkle in her eyes that you can see.  Similarly, baby Jack took the whole thing in his stride and it’s striking to see the absolute resemblance to Dad!

In reality, what I love about my job is seeing family spending time just being.  Doing nothing but being in and enjoying each other’s company.  As a result, conversations spark timeless photos like this which just burst personalities out in bucket loads.  Tiny moments which come and go so quickly that can be forgotten in the blink of an eye.

Leanne, you have three beautiful children and it was a pleasure to capture this stage of your life for you!  Faye, I have no doubt that your photography journey will continue to grow and hope you share some of your new work with me!

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