Autumn family photography at it’s best – creating experiences and memories to last a lifetime!

 Are you like me?

I often find myself lost in a daydream in autumn.  The colours literally stop me in my tracks.  Even when the kids are shouting for something or other and my mind is full of the 1001 things I need to do!  Every year (maybe it is to do with me age!) autumn just becomes that little more important and my mindfulness shifts ten fold.

I’ve a chocca autumn and when it’s family photo sessions, I get so giddy, especially when it’s at one of my favourite National Trust places, Dunham Massey  When its also with one of my favourite friends and returning clients it’s a bonus.  Armed with all of my gear, a few pumpkins and my bag of tricks, I literally skipped off to meet the Basterfields.

Of course you have to start with a bit of leaf throwing don’t you?

It’s mandatory!  I think we could create some bubble captions with some of these.  And whilst I know that clients won’t use ALL of the photos on their walls, I like to add them in as they tell a story…

The deer (or Santa’s reindeer as I tell my kids!) were on good form.  As I took this photo of Max, I paused and marvelled in how much this lovely, confident and happy little boy has changed so much over the years.  He just looks so grown up here!

Then there is his fabulous little brother Harry who I managed to get smiling!  He makes me laugh as I love his little personality!!  I would love to know what he is really thinking when I chat to him!

Having photographs taken outdoors can be quite overwhelming.

I always try to make people feel as relaxed as possible as outdoor sessions can feel a bit weird at first! I accused Rick of catalogue posing by looking in the opposite direction which made Claire giggle rotten resulting in this gem.

Then there is the mandatory couple photo which can result in big sighs, awkwardness and rolled eyes – sometimes!  Photos of the parents are often my favourites.  Why?  Because it’s not very often that parents get photos together. Usually I get comments that they haven’t done this since their wedding day. I love how we often start a bit stiff and awkward then after me goofing around for a bit we get something like this…..  A sparkle and a twinkle and a connection.  A n acknowledgment that as well as parents, there is a couple in there too…..Claire and Rick. You smashed it!

Patience is a virtue….

After the session, Claire messaged me and said she doesn’t know how I am so patient!  It’s my job and I love it!  During the session, I watched a fellow photographer run a similar family photo session.  He was finished in about 40% of the time it took me!  I pride myself on working to my clients needs and timescales not mine.  Even with children who I have photographed before, it can take a while for them to warm up.  Fine and dandy with me.  It doesn’t help that I put the camera away and then say ‘Oh just one more…’

I am running mid week offers in the run up to Christmas so get in contact if I can create a similar experience for you.

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