THE TRUTH: It was all about the wellies….

I could easily write my usual style of client blogs today.

Focusing on how gorgeous little Thomas and James are would be simple.  So would commenting on how much they have since the last time (and the time before that!) since I last photographed them.

Similarly it would be simple to talk about the brilliant venue that makes me homesick.  Vale Park in Wallasey with an immediate path to the River Mersey, is where I get to look at at one of the best skylines in the world.  The Liverpool skyline.

Finally, focusing on the gorgeous autumn colours and my favourite leaf throwing activities would seem to be the norm.

Instead I want to talk about one theme.  Wellies.

That’s right, wellies!

Mum Helen is my ideal client.  She loves photos and understands that it’s super important to update family photos regularly.  Consequently Helen always comes with ideas of photos she wants me to try and create and this time it was about the well shot.  You know, the one where all of the family line up, perfectly formed, side to side for that perfect above the fireplace photo.

Ideally, I imagined if we went for it half way in, we would be quids in.  The odd snack had been consumed and the boys had run around and burnt off a bit of energy.  Off we went.  Mum tried to organise everyone in order with no luck.  Dad chipped in to no avail and when I added in my two pennies worth I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Reassuring Helen we would try again later, we continued with some different photos.

You know where this is heading don’t you?

Consequently we had another attempt later.  Helen tried again to line everyone up.  I was ready and willing.  No avail, we just couldn’t line everyone’s feet up perfectly.  Ready up keep trying, Helen stuck at it.  Here are some of the photos that I managed to take…..

Minutes later as the kids ran back towards the park, I stopped Helen and I said “In my humble opinion, this photo sums up your family perfectly!  Just look at the positioning of the wellies, do you agree that this reflects your personalities?  I do!”  The idea of a perfect photo often just exists in our minds and yet the reality is what shows the authenticity of a family and the gorgeous personalities that sit within it.

In reality, there is no such concept as perfection only doing our best and being who we truly are.  As a Mum of two, I know this only too well!! Helen loves this photo and I know it’s the one welly photo that will be going above the fireplace.  Thank you Helen for being a wonderful client and loving the most authentic photo from the day….

Fancy reading about my series of Mum Stories?  Sit down, relax and grab a cuppa, you deserve it!

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