What it really feels like to become an aunty for the first time!

18th December will always be a special date for me. The day I became an Aunty for the first time will always stay with me. I recall getting the call from my sister and thinking “this is actually it!”

I am actually an Aunty!

I’m one of those people whereby, until something finally happens, it just doesn’t sink in. Obviously I’ve known about this for a while. Seeing my sisters bump grow, hearing all of her plans brought back memories of my own two pregnancies in a heartbeat. Knowing baby was on the way was a given. However, when baby arrived six weeks early, I didn’t feel ready so I can’t even contemplate how Nic and Carl felt.

He is here!

Meeting baby Peter for the first time was an absolute joy but a bit nerve wracking too! Forgetting the tiny-ness of a new baby is easy! Minutes later though and the love for him soon overtook the nerves. Straight away I began my life lessons to him but kept calling his Mummy Aunty Nic instead! I’m still struggling with that a month on!

As you can imagine, I was itching to take photos from the moment I met him, I couldn’t wait! I know how much babies change in such a short time so I’m always keen to get cracking. Acknowledging that getting prepared for photos is usually not at the top of new mums minds, you can imagine that Nic knew that they would be high on the agenda.

No pressure then…

Consequently, I wanted to smash the first photos of my nephew. Greeted with Peter in his first Everton outfit, I knew we would be in for a great session. I mean, just look at those booties!!!


Peter was so content the camera did not bother him at all, he was far too busy sleeping!

Capturing the early Mum and Baby moments are so precious. That lovingly glance or peck on the cheek captures love like no other. It makes any heart melt, especially when it’s your sister and nephew!

Peter, welcome to the world!

You have the best Mum and Dad and are in for a great life ahead! I’ve just got to get used to saying I’ve got a nephew!!

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