8 reasons I love photography

I’ve got to tell you, I  love photography.  I think it’s so important to love what you do, then you don’t actually feel like you have done a days work!  It’s been five years since I got my first ‘proper’ camera and whilst my equipment helps me to take a range of photographs, it’s the people bit that matters most.  I love meeting new people, understanding their family, their needs and then helping them to record permanent memories that they can share with generations to come.  The best bit though, is when I see clients share their photographs on social media (often with lovely comments from their friends and family) and put the frames up in their home.   That’s exactly why I set up Inspired By Joseph.

Here are the eight main reasons I love photography:

1. I love to capture that moment that in a second is then gone forever. As I say, don’t let life pass you by. The world and our lives moves quickly so taking photos is part of the permanent documentation of life.

2. Recording and telling stories is a huge party of Inspired By Joseph. I love that there is a story behind every photograph. It’s there for people to interpret but I love the fact that sometimes it’s just the people in the picture that know the actual story – What did he whisper in her ear? Why is she really laughing?

3. Since Joseph came into the world, documenting progress is a huge part of my passion. For example, most months since Joseph was born, I’ve taken the same picture of him sat in the corner of the couch. It literally makes my heart melt how quickly he is growing up!  It’s never too late to start this up yourself with any time – making a start is better than no start at all!

Joseph from birth to 13 months - Inspired By Joseph photography

4.  I love taking photographs that don’t show the perfect smile. Some of my clients favourite photos are with their backs to the camera or looking at each other.

5. The birthdays, Christmas and formal occasions are all great to photograph but I love the everyday normal events which I believe really matter.  After all, we spend a lot of time doing these things – meal time, a walk in the park…

6. I love helping others to be more confident in front of the camera and to be better photographers themselves. It’s a skill I love to share with others.  If you take one thing from Inspired by Joseph’s website and apply it to your life then I’m a happy lady!

7. I have a massive addiction to displaying photographs, there are so many ways to showcase stories! Check out my blog, 5 cheap and creative ways to showcase your photos for a dash of inspiration.

8. Photography is super creative – like me! Whether it be photography, card making, cooking, making presents, they all belong to the craft family and make me super happy, especially when I see smiles from the receiver!  Take a look at my Pinterest board for a dash of inspiration!

If you love photography but would love to get better, hit reply below and drop me a line with how I can help and I shall see what I can do!


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