7 reasons I love photography

Unsurprisingly, I  love photography.

Obviously, Inspired By Joseph is now a huge part of my life.  You can check out my story but in essence, the twelve week scan photo I took when Joseph was in my tummy changed me forever.

Since then it has been well documented that I have taken a photograph of my life everyday since then, reaching 2,000 photos in November 2019.  So much so I changed careers and now do what I really love!  Meeting new people, understanding their family, their needs and then helping them to record permanent memories that they can share with generations to come.  The best bit though, is when I see clients share their photographs on social media (often with lovely comments from their friends and family) and put the frames up in their home.

Ordinarily, I am a people person through and through. As a female, a Mum and a person who loves nothing more than to strike up conversation, I make the Inspired By Joseph experience a super enjoyable one that people always remember just as much as the photos themselves.

Take a look at this video to see things brought to life!

Here are the seven main reasons I love photography:

1. I love to capture that moment that in a second is then gone forever. As I say, don’t let life pass you by. The world and our lives moves quickly so taking photos is part of the permanent documentation of life.  We all mean to capture these milestones which come and go in a heartbeat but in reality, that doesn’t happen.  I love taking a snapshot of a story that will mean more to people ten, twenty, thirty years down the line


2. Recording and telling stories is a huge party of Inspired By Joseph. I love that there is a story behind every photograph. It’s there for people to interpret but I love the fact that sometimes it’s just the people in the picture that know the actual story – What did he whisper in her ear? Why is she really laughing?  What do they know that we don’t?

Wedding photographer for couples with young children - Oldham photographer


3.  I love taking photographs that don’t show the perfect smile. Some of my clients favourite photos are with their backs to the camera or looking at each other.  Many tell me that is the one photo that they really want but in reality, it’s often a different photo that becomes the favourite, like this one where James just wouldn’t line his foot up.  The reality is, that’s James and sums up his personality to a tee!







4. The birthdays, Christmas and formal occasions are all great to photograph but I love the everyday normal events which I believe really matter.  After all, we spend a lot of time doing these things – meal time, a walk in the park…  Our future selves will thank us for these special everyday moments.

Newborn photographer near me - Oldham photographer







5. I love helping others to be more confident in front of the camera and to be better photographers themselves. It’s a skill I love to share with others.  If you take one thing from Inspired by Joseph’s website and apply it to your life then I’m a happy lady!  Whether it be through on to one coaching, masterclasses for children or my photo challenges which I often run from my Facebook page or the support I often clients before out time together, it is all part of my legacy

saving money for professional photography







6. I have a massive addiction to displaying photographs, there are so many ways to showcase stories! Check out my blog, 5 cheap and creative ways to showcase your photos for a dash of inspiration.

7. Photography is super creative and helps me focus on other crafts I love.  I make scrabble frames  and I share my go to recipes too.

Inspired By Joseph photo frames

If you love photography but would love to get better, hit reply below and drop me a line with how I can help and I shall see what I can do!


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