5 cheap and creative ways to showcase your photos

I’m super passionate about everyone out there getting photos off phones, laptops and PCs and displayed for the world to see, so I thought I’d share some creative ways to showcase your photos.  Now is the perfect time of year to do so too – get some of these on your Christmas gift lists!

  1. Don’t fancy your usual frame?  Why not turn your photos into a fun poster?  You choose the size that works for you and decide if you want just the one picture or a montage of memories.  Either order online and have it posted to you or visit a retailer on the High Street.
  2. Buy a digital frame.  These are a great investment!  Simply pop your SD card in and bingo!  It’s a great talking point, you can theme your pictures as you like (I love theming up for birthdays and Christmas) and you never get bored! This is also ideal if you are tight on space.  The average price is around £30 – take a look at Argos or Currys for some inspiration.
  3. Create a postcard and send it to your loved ones.  What a nice surprise to get through the post?  Use a website such as Touchnote (who also have an app for convenience).  Prices start at 99p – bargain!
  4. Get creative with a bit of string or coloured ribbon and mini wooden pegs!  Find a suitable space in your house and off you go!  Like a digital frame, you can update the photos as often as you see fit.
  5. Go multi picture in one space.  Use a number of different frames (have a browse around your local charity shop for some bargains like I did) or buy one large frame to accommodate a number of pictures.  If you fancy, add a slogan to the centre of the wall like I have in my kitchen…

Life is good

Got any other ideas?  Why not share them below for us all to see!

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