3 Useful Photo Apps that will help you create better photographs

Three Useful Photo Apps that will help you create better photographs (oh and they are all free!)

With the explosion of camera phones, the rise of the selfie and the importance of social media to the majority of us, there is a massive range of apps that can, in reality, help turn photos from decent to great. Consequently, these  apps are often a great time saver to more complex editing tools so if you haven’t checked them out, have a look below!


One of the most popular and well know apps out there, Instagram has a range of filters and editing tools suitable for all phone users to become hooked on instantly. In addition you can sync up with your other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook therefore saving you time!  I love Instagram due the simplicity of the application.


If you are looking for a fun way to show off a range of photos in collage format, try Diptic. Simply select the layout you prefer, add your photos then change the height and width of inner frames, add text, change border colours or add filters.  You can choose to save to your camera roll or share with your social media platforms.  I use this frequently  to show a montage of photos from one occasion such as a birthday party, Halloween or day out with Joseph and Victoria.

Pic Collage

If you fancy being a bit more creative (and arguably more fun!), Pic Collage could be your answer. You choose from a range of backgrounds, then add your photos (which you can position and size as you see fit) before adding a range of super cool stickers (all themed up for ease) and add any additional text you require.  Some backgrounds and stickers carry a reasonable charge but if you have a particular theme in mind, it’s great value for money!  In addition, you can choose to save to your camera roll or share with your social media platforms.

Generally speaking and whilst we are talking about technology, if you aren’t in the process of regularly backing up your photos, take a look at my blog post for more information:

Take 5 minutes to read this too!

Do you have a favourite app that isn’t listed above?  Drop me a comment below as I would love to hear from you.


Beautiful Saddleworth Photography
Arguably, the autumn is the best time for Oldham photography sessions given the beauty of our scenery

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  1. I’m still so new to Instagram and already loving it SO MUCH! I’ve created a new account for my website and am working out what would best be posted there and what best belongs to my personal account. And how much is too much in terms of posting?

    1. Hi Kate! I tend to use my instagram page more as a behind the scenes (so not photographs of my work) and Facebook to post my work so my followers know what to expect. My rule is to post once a day although I probably post six times a week as I tend to be super busy one day and just not get around it it. If you are posting brilliant things, I don’t think you can post too much. Good luck!

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