1500 photos and counting…

Isn’t it funny how, before you know it, things can become a habit?

Turn the clock back 1500 days and so begins the birth of a habit that has become part of our family culture, well known to family and friends and a vital part of everyday life.  I have spent the past 1500 days capturing family life through a photo a day.

Where does the time go?

Since my exhilarating, life changing moment of a twelve week scan for my first born, Joseph, I have documented family life on a daily basis.  What started as a bit of fun to document my pregnancy ultimately led to a total change in lifestyle for sure!

Every day, I take the opportunity to capture a memory from that day. Sometimes it is the mundane, such as the chaos of meal times but others, it is a new milestone, such as taking Joseph and Victoria out for the first time with no buggy.  Things that come and go in a heartbeat. It gives me the opportunity to document new traditions that now form a part of my family culture too.

I see no end to this daily challenge.

Yes we all have good and bad days but usually each day is a limiting balance and therefore the ideal time to take the everyday moments which illustrate beautifully and authentically the story of life as a Mum.  In reality, being a Mum isn’t always plain sailing but that isn’t a reason NOT to photograph our story.  It’s really easy to let life pass you by in the mundane of day to day life but the best part about memories is making them.

I am so proud that I have been able to keep this tradition going and I see no end!  Now that we are preparing for Joseph to start primary school and Victoria is spending more time at preschool, it’s given me the chance to look back and reflect on what have been the happiest four years of my life.  Here are a few of my highlights:

Joseph has loved trains since day dot.  I am sure it’s because we took him to the National Rail Museum in York when he was tiny.  I waited until everyone got off the train to take this one.  I love how tiny he looks compared to the size of the train itself…

1500 daily family photos

If anything is daring, exciting or just plain adventurous, Victoria is up for it.  Holidays are the life blood that run through our family. It’s one of the only times I really relax, we all reconnect as a family and enjoy being together, just the four of us.  Daddy hadn’t seen Victoria swim for a few months and he was delighted to see how high he could throw her in the air in Tenerife last year.

1500 daily family photos


This is my absolute favourite photo of the kids with a story behind it.  It was snowing outside and I just didn’t have the energy to get myself, my kit and the kids prepared for it but boy was I glad that I did! This proves that a few minutes effort can go a long way!  Just look at them… I say no more!

This is my current favourite photo of me.  Ironically you might say, I am not a fan of being in photographs but I love this photo, not necessarily because of how I look but more how I felt at the time the photo was being taken, happy and content with my family around me.

Bev Ridyard Oldham photographer

As well as families having a range of photographs that they love, if you know me, you know I am passionate about other Mum’s getting in enough photos and documenting their stories too.  It’s never too late to start!  I am currently running two initiatives which are perfect if you are reading this!

  1. To help Mums (in particular) to get in photos, I run a challenge on Instagram called #my18in18 and ask Mums to get in 18 photos in 2018 so that they have SOME photos of themselves to look back on at the end of the year.  Get involved here.
  2. I am running a seven day photo challenge to help people to take better photos. It is totally free and starts on Monday 25th June 2018.  You don’t need a fancy camera, just access to a phone and the internet and positive enthusiasm!  Each day, you will receive an email with a challenge plus some hints and tips from me.  Simply take a photo that day, it’s that easy!  Click here to participate! 

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