Inspired By Joseph – Top 5 Super Quick and Easy Tips For Taking Better Photos

Inspired By Joseph photography is widely based on sharing my passion on taking better photos.  I love it when a client say they now take better photos that capture loved ones in the moment. That makes me smile. If you take the five tips below on board, I promise you will see a difference.

  1. Get close and personal – don’t be afraid to step in close. You can really help capture emotion and expression this way, plus it takes away all that background noise that you do not want to see anyway!
  2. Remember to focus on the right thing – Focus on the centre of the person or object you want to focus on, then press and hold the shutter button halfway down. Then simply reposition your camera (still holding the shutter button) to the scene that works for you and press the shutter all the way down. Magic!
  3. Take horizontal AND vertical pictures – Some people are creatures of habit and prefer one style, but have fun experimenting! The same shot can look very different take the opposite way around.
  4. Eye contact is key – This requires patience but you need your subject to be looking, and I mean really looking into the soul of the camera.
  5. Check the light – Don’t be afraid to move either yourself or your subjects until you get this right. No one wants to be squinting at the sun, for example.

Has this inspired you to get out and take more photos now? Why not join me for a complementary chat to see how I can help turn your adventures into memories to share forever.

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