The fabulous Evans family, Wirral, are my ideal clients

A fabulous morning spent with the Evans family

I recognise that the early weeks of bringing baby number two in the world is nothing short of challenging.  Realistically, there’s nothing that can prepare you for the sudden double-ness of everything!  Coupled with the fact that Christmas was literally  round the corner, some might say that photography should be the last thing on your mind. Well, not for Helen.  Helen is my kinda lady.  Her house is full of photographs, a good mix of professional and personal.  She uses frames, pegs on string and apps on her phone to create collages.  Documenting the progress of her family’s growth is high on her priority list.  Helen is one of my regular clients and was one of the first families I ever photographed!  You can check this out on my previous blog.  As a result, I am sure you can appreciate why I was excited about this session.

A range of photographs taken through loads of fun

I walked into Helen’s house to the smell of a scented candle smelling of Christmas, the offer of a bacon butty and a coffee.  I kid you not. This is the woman with a toddler and a baby!  In reality, it didn’t take long for us to get started, the fact that the family are all used to me and vice versa was a massive bonus.  In fact, I know how difficult it can be to get that perfect photograph with everyone looking (something I have recently blogged about!) but we had so much fun along the way we managed to get a range of fabulous photographs.

Evans family photo shoot, wirral


Evans family photo shoot, wirral

Using personalised gifts was a winner

Helen is fond of using items of special meaning in her photos.  We used a combination of gifts from friends and family, mainly personalised gifts to accentuate some of our images with baby Thomas.  Such items also help to keep children entertained!  Equally, with the package that Helen purchased, we had heaps of time for outfit changes and a few Christmas themed photographs too!

Evans family photo shoot, wirral


Evans family photo shoot, wirral

If I can involve children in the session I always do.  Check this out, taken by Helen, I love it!

behind the scenes at Inspired By Joseph photography

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