A peek into my complimentary workshop from an Oldham photographer to help parents take better photos of their kids

As an Oldham photographer, one of the reasons my photography business is different is that I try and inspire others to be better photographers too.  Photography is such an important vehicle to documenting our lives that it just wouldn’t sit right with me if I didn’t….  I often get past clients sending me a photo that they took, asking me what I think.  It makes me feel like a proud Mum!  So I decided to share some of my wisdom and host a complimentary workshop to help parents take better photos of their kids.

The day arrived!

So on Friday  I dropped the kids off at preschool and off I headed to Grandpa Greene’s (who make some of the best ice cream around!) for my session.  Planning complete, toys out ready for the children (who were invited, obviously!) and coffee in hand, I was ready!  Yes I was nervous but excited too!  When I as little I always wanted to be a teacher so I was in my element waiting for my students to arrive!

What a treat!

Once everyone was settled, I had so much fun taking everyone through my session.  It was great mix of people, parents with kids, without kids, grandparents, whole families – the lot.  Everyone got stuck in and was really enthusiastic taking my tips on board.  I was quite sorry when we got to the end really but loved the energy in the room as everyone started playing around on their phones trying out the new things they had learned.  Again, I was like a proud Mum!

The proof is in the pudding

Over the weekend, as I was reflecting on the session, I received two lovely pieces of feedback:

I have just been to a FREE short photography course run by Bev which was about capturing those perfect shots of your little ones. Bev is so engaging and accommodating of everyone…there were lots of little ones there and she had brought some toys with her so they could play while the parents listened to her top tips! I have come away with lots of great ideas and can’t recommend Bev highly enough! Whether you go on one of Bev’s photography courses or book a one to one session you can be assured you will get some amazing photos as Bev puts everyone at ease..and of course her photos are beautiful ! Thanks Bev!

Bev ran a free session teaching parents how to take better photos of their children. The session was well thought out and was targeted towards those who have little to no experience of professional photography. Bev was warm and welcoming and the session felt friendly and informal. I learned a lot about how to hold my phone properly and which settings to use to maximise opportunity to get a good photo. I went away eager to try out my new found knowledge! I would recommend these courses to anyone

I think I might be doing this again!!  What do you think?

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