A humanist naming ceremony brought tears to my eyes

A humanist naming ceremony – a first for me

As an Oldham family photographer, I’ve never had the pleasure of photographing a humanist naming ceremony.  In addition, I am looking forward to photographing my first humanist wedding later this year too.  This seems to be a growing theme for me as a Saddleworth business.  As ever, I did my research before the big day.  Not just during the consultation I have with all of my clients before I meet but also investigating as much as I could online too.  I was so excited before the big day I knew it was going to be fantastic!

A remarkable venue with truly fabulous decorations

If you are unfamiliar with Standedge Tunnel & Visitor centre in Marsden, West Yorkshire, it’s Britain’s longest canal tunnel.  It’s a spectacular attraction beneath the Pennines.  The centre is a true reflection of times gone by when goods and products such as coal, flour and wool were destined for the markets of Manchester, Leeds and London.  It reminded me so much of memorable school trips to similar places!  Moreover, with beautiful liberty inspired decorations which hung strategically alongside magnificent streamers with flashes of sunlight hitting the wooden beams, in reality, it was truly remarkable!  I have to say, I totally fell in love with these decorations!!

A ceremony with beautiful words and smiles to match

I find it quite difficult to put into words just how charming the ceremony was.  Brimmed full of beautiful words of wisdom for the gorgeous Liberty Gentle, read beautifully from a range of family and friends, it certainly brought a lump to my throat.  The smiles in the room were so heart warming.  When Gran popped a kiss on Liberty’s head following her reading, my heart melted!  In reality, it is times like this that I am so privileged to be a photographer!  A humanist naming ceremony offers a level of personlisation and individuality I have never experienced before.


Little touches that will last a lifetime

Liberty, often referred to as bee by Mummy and Daddy, had a gorgeous cake complimented with an ever so small bee nestled away in the middle.  I envisaged one of the children sneaking this off before it came to the singing but oh no!  Similarly, as Liberty grows up, she will enjoy a beautifully hung tree with fingerprints from all of her guests.  What a wonderful idea!


As I said in my last blog, In reality, I totally understand that photography is a considered purchase.  You probably have a thousand other things you could spend your money on.  However, all of my clients who have hired my services for baptisms, christening or naming ceremonies acknowledge the importance of not only photographing these important life events but of allowing ‘someone else’ to do the job for them so that they can enjoy the day!  Why not give it a try?

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