Food, glorious food!

Inspired By Joseph loves food!

Food, glorious food!

Food is a big deal in our house. We sit at the table for every meal, TV off and enjoy each others company! Cooking has always been a big part of our daily routine so I love to keep a track of all of my go to recipes whether they be for families or my failsafe weaning recipes for Joseph and Victoria, some of which are still staples today.  Prepping meals after a busy day is hard enough without kids so get inspired!

Main course

Slow cooker beef

Mac and Cheese with chicken and leek

Amazing Lancashire hotpot

Bolognese bake

Ham, leek and potato hash

Peanut butter chicken


Apple and Mincemeat crumble

Hot cross bun pudding

Weaning recipes

Cheese and courgette muffins

Sweetcorn fritters

Egg and banana pancakes

Cous cous fingers

Sugar free tea loaf

Strawberry ice cream

Cheese and tomato muffins

Speedy savoury flapjacks

Pizza wheels

Mighty macaroni cheese

Porridge bars

ingredients for spaghetti carbonara